Tiddlywinks Service 24th May.

Tiddlywinks Service 17th May.

Tiddlywinks Service 10th May.

Tiddlywinks Service 3rd May If you have a toy sheep, a sheep’s mask or a pciture pf a sheep you may like to have it with you for the service. after the service you may like to make a sheep as a creative response and if you would like to send a picture for the website that would be lovely.

Tiddlywinks Service 26th April Please have a plate with a little bread and a cup with a small amount of something to drink

Tiddlywinks Service Easter Day

Tiddlywinks Service 10th April Good Friday

As Barbara is poorly at the moment (still at home) Susie has prepared this service – Thank you.

Tiddlywinks Service 5th April Palm Sunday

For the service it would be great if you have a plate with some bread and a cup of something (only a little )also have scarves for the main part of the service . For the creative response afterwards you may like to make palm trees if you missed the session when we made them, decorate a paper cup and plate or maybe make some bread rolls.

1st Tiddliwinks Service on 29th March