Please note

As our Vicar retired recently and it will be some time before another is appointed, we are unable to take bookings for weddings at present. If you wish you can apply to the nearest parish other than us.


For many couples there is more to their wedding and the promises they are making to each other than just the words and the legality of it. They want to bring those promises into a church setting and bring them before God our Father for his blessing too.

Weddings can be stressful to arrange – there is so much to think about. We understand and do our best to minimise the paperwork but there is quite a lot that must be done before your wedding can legally take place. So the important thing to do is to start early, at least three months beforehand

At Jesus Church weddings are normally on a Saturday but can be on another weekday. Not every week is available so you will need to book a date as soon as you can.

Who can get married at Jesus Church?

If you live in the parish or have a qualifying connection to the parish you can be married at Jesus Church. There are other conditions which are fully explained on the Church of England website

If you are not already a regular member of Jesus Church the best thing to do is visit – just come to a regular service as listed on the front of the website.

How much will it cost?

As we agree the wedding date with you we take a deposit of £50 straight away and then the remainder of the fees are payable. The cost varies according to your choices but is usually in the range of £500 – £850