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In recognition of the exceptional times we are facing our website has been adapted to make it easier to find on line Services, Tiddliwinks sessions and Pauses for Thought. All the other material is available via the menu (the 3 horizontal lines if the menu is not visible on the screen )
Service of Holy Communion for 24th May, Tiddlywinks service & Thanksgiving and prayer from 25th May are all available.. Click on this text to Thy Kingdom Come website. There is a prayer journal to last from today to Pentecost

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Thanksgiving and prayer information (25th May) is now available.

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Update Friday 24th April
Thank you again for your prayers. I wrote below about Tuesday being such a special day after prayer time on Monday 20th . I wanted to update you since then. Wednesday was a difficult day, we both had to sleep and rest all day, I was not even up to emailing. Thursday we both felt better, I felt almost normal, Barbara is still very weak and gets tired very quickly. Today is also a good day for both of us. I am in the midst of planning a service of Holy Communion which will be available on Sunday.
Update Tuesday 21st April
Thank you for your prayers last night. Barbara has felt dramatically different today ; she has been up and able to do things from 10.00am till now 5.00pm compared with about 10 mins yesterday. She has also had no difficulty breathing today. She still has a long way to go before she is back to normal, but this is very significant turning point as last Tuesday was when she felt as though she had shaken off the virus. I went for a half hour walk the first time since we both went down with the virus on 2nd April. I now have four funerals to conduct over the coming week or so, three are church members or relatives of Jesus Church members and one from the parish. Thankfully I now feel normal.

Items for Thanksgiving and Prayer

For our older childen and young people from Stacey
Bible verses and Pause for Thought a new one from Ailsa and one for those who miss and mourn Linda but especially members of the Hub who gave her so much joy (Part1) Please push button

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Update 2nd April
Dear Friends We are in very disturbed times; many have much more time at home than they could have ever imagined whilst others are working to the point of exhaustion as key workers. A significant picture we see, particularly in John’s gospel and other places, is the importance of looking for and recognising signs. Our gardens are full of new growth with green shoots and blossom. Spring is here. We are nevertheless a long way from seeing any signs of getting the Covid-19 virus under control. However amidst all the anguish and uncertainty that we face I want to share some encouragements that I have seen in the continuing life of Jesus Church We had 127 on-line visits last Sunday for the service and Tiddlywinks event and some very appreciative feed back.. Some of us have been concerned about church finances as 30% of our giving in January and February was via envelopes or money put in the collection bags, 10% from letting Charis rooms and 60% paid directly into the bank. This means that 40% of our weekly income has already disappeared and we recognise that some who give via the bank may also need to reduce their giving if their circumstances have changed... A few days later I had an email from a family who moved away 4 years ago promising £200 and the next day we were offered £1000 from a discretionary fund to cover an important item that we would have had to forgo. This is a very significant start for which we are most grateful. However if those who usually give by envelope or via the plate could consider giving whatever they might feel able through internet banking or by sending a cheque to David Bulger payable to Jesus Church Forty Hill PCC that would make all the difference. for Bank details or address please email Ian or Sue or use the contact page of the website, Finally, despite not meeting with parishioners regularly I am still here to support the congregation so please email me should you need to speak to me Ian

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Want to find out about Jesus?

Want to find out about Jesus?

Many people start to explore the Christian faith in new ways especially those who bring their children for baptism and those who join the Christianity Explored course we run each year


We have a great variety of groups from Toddler group, House groups for study and fellowship, ladies' and men's groups and our youth group Hub with fun, games and Christian teaching.
About the building

About the building

The earliest part of the church including the nave dates from 1835 with the chancel added between 1918 and 1926. In 2010 the adjacent Charis Centre, linked to the church, was dedicated in which we run many activities, services and we also hire it out for events.