To all members of Jesus Church

Thank you

Thank you to everyone who has given so generously to Jesus Church during this year with practical involvement and financial giving.

Did you know?

  • £85 keeps the church and Charis Centre insured for a week
  • £40 lights and heats the church for a week
  • £5 helps contribute to books and materials for junior church for a week

 We do need your help in paying our bills. Overall our total income, including the regular giving shown above and other sources of income for the church, is about £3,500 behind budget for the year. We face a significant cost for repairs to the roof over the organ and other repairs that were highlighted by the 5 yearly inspection.

While these remain difficult times we encourage all who count themselves as members of Jesus Church to play a full part in this aspect of our church life and review their giving or join the envelope scheme or give via the bank.

Should you like more details on the way the income is spent please ask Richard or Ian for a set of accounts. If you need advice on giving please ask one of our Finance Team: Richard Thacker, Derek Weavers or David Bulger.

Thank you again for your generous giving to the church.     Ian Crofts